We are glad to offer our clients the following services:

Audit services

AKF MBB – Audit renders services in banking audit.
  • Verification of accounting reporting documents with the requirements of the Russian legislation
  • Quarterly and annual audit reviews of accounting reporting documents
  • Audit review under the order of owner

List of entities subject to the statutory audit:

  • entities formed as open joint-stock companies regardless of number of shareholders and the size of charter capital ;
  • commodity exchanges;
  • banks and other credit organizations;
  • investment funds, stock exchanges and other financial institutes;
  • non-budget funds;
  • donation and other non-investment funds;
  • companies with foreign investments
  • share investment funds ;
  • organizations with annual proceeds exceeding 500 minimum monthly wages
  • organizations where assets on the end of the year exceeding 200 000 minimum monthly wages

The following companies are also subject to audit :

  • Issuers of securities ;
  • Organizations applying for receiving, prolongation or renewing the license of the Russian Central Bank on professional activities, e.g. brokers, dealers, deposit activities, etc.
Accounting services
  • Bookkeeping;
  • Accountancy set up ;
  • Accountancy recovery ;
  • Assistance in preparing quarter and annual accounting reporting documents ;
  • Preparing settlement balance-sheets when corporate restructuring and dissolution of companies of different property categories
Appraisal activity

For the purpose of :
  • capital and credit investments;
  • purchase/ sale of shares and shareholdings;
  • tax planning
Legal services
  • Contracts reviews;
  • Preparing drafts of different contracts, claims, etc.;
  • Litigation and arbitration ;
  • Other legal consulting
Management consulting
  • Analyzing business activity;
  • Preparing business plans and antirecession programs;
  • Consulting on optimizing of management decisions and company's structure;
  • Analyzing production cost, economical expertise of prices and tariffs
  • Other activity
Tax consulting
  • Tax compliance reviews;
  • Tax planning and minimization;
  • Assistance in dealing with the tax authorities;
  • Tax representation;
Human resources and staff training services
  • Human resources advisory services;
  • Organizing seminars for finance management, chief accountants, accountants, tax management etc.
Consulting services on effective placement of monetary funds

We guarantee you:
  • Full confidentiality;
  • High standards of professional services;
  • Consulting of highly qualified specialists;
  • Reasonable cost and terms of services;
  • Individual approach to every client

Контактная информация:
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ул. Дорожная, д.60Б, офис 024
тел. (495) 411-9602, 411-9634
факс (495) 411-9634
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