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Audit consulting firm MBB – Audit ("AKF MBB – Audit") provides a full range of taxation, management consulting, accounting and audit services to private and public companies including exchanges, non-budget funds and other investment institutes, banks etc. AKF MBB – Audit was established in 1992. Nowadays it has a broad network of centrally controlled branches.

Our employees are experienced qualified accountants and auditors, lawyers, tax experts. AKF MBB – Audit is ranked as a stable and fast growing Russian audit consulting group.

Basing on Standards of Audit Activity adopted by the Audit Commission under the Russian President, our specialists worked out our own procedures of conducting audit reviews and appraisals. We generalize orderly our tax practice, elaborate the company's opinion on disputable tax issues taking into account opinion of the Russian tax authorities.

We have not had any claim to the quality of our services from our clients during the whole period of our audit and consulting activity. However, we do not ensnare ourselves. We insure professional audit risks with the Russian and foreign insurance companies. We also conduct the in-house control of the quality of our services.

There are spheres where the risk of losses from unprofessionalism is very high. We know it.

Sincerely yours,

General director AKF "MBB-Audit"

Контактная информация:
117405, Москва,
ул. Дорожная, д.60Б, офис 024
тел. (495) 411-9602, 411-9634
факс (495) 411-9634
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Член СРО аудиторов "Российская коллегия аудиторов" р/н 295050137085.

Лицензия Министерства Финансов РФ № E 003487 от 04.03.08 на осуществление аудиторской деятельности сроком на 5 лет.

Лицензия УФСБ России по Москве и Московской обл. № 11642 от 03.03.08 на осуществление работ, связанных с использованием сведений составляющих государственную тайну.

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Аттестат аккредитации р/н 216 Министерства экономики Московской области от 23.03.2006

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